NeoMatrix Employees Showcase Support for Their Teams and Customers

Our core values define our culture and behaviors that we expect from all of our team members in order to deliver the highest level of service to our industrial automation clients. We are thrilled to announce the Q2 2023 winners of the RAVE awards that recognize NeoMatrix’s employees who demonstrate excellence in their work, make valuable contributions to the company, and go above and beyond to support their teams and customers. Read More

Overcoming Issues with Equipment Integration into Manufacturing Processes

This article was originally published on AutomationWorld.com on March 27, 2023. 


Key aspects of equipment integration into the manufacturing process are often overlooked. These machine-to-enterprise integration methodologies and tips will help you create a viable digital integration strategy.

Manufacturers must have real-time access to information from their processes. Such information can assist users throughout the organization in analyzing, troubleshooting, and suggesting enhancements to improve operations. Following are three frequently overlooked integration aspects that, when implemented, will ensure you have access to the information you need: Read More

Beyond the Andon Light System: The Value of an Andon Board in Lean Manufacturing

andon board andon systemIn Lean manufacturing, the Andon system was created to notify operators of any issues on the production line as a means to promptly identify and tackle any production issues. Traditionally, an Andon was made up of a cord, which the operator pulls to indicate the occurrence of a problem, and an Andon light, which draws attention to the issue. Today, Andon systems are available in various forms, each progressively more advanced in terms of technology: Read More

Congratulations to Our RAVE Award Winners

August 2022 RAVE Award WinnersNeoMatrix is celebrating 4 RAVE (Recognizing Achievements Values & Excellence) Award winners for the month of August! Congratulations to automation engineers – Justin Fan, Thomas Maldonado, Bradley Meissner, and Sol Winternitz – who all won for exemplifying all of our core values; Find A Way, Deliver Quality, Have Fun, Build Relationships, and Do the Right Thing. Read More

Simplifying ADO Database Connection Strings

NeoMatrix Plant Automation Tech Tip

Connecting SCADA systems and other applications to databases have been common for quite some time. SCADA platforms from GE, Rockwell, and Wonderware for instance, require that connection to be made utilizing a connection string. A database connection string is simply a string variable containing all the detail for an application to connect to the database. While there are many different resources which define the format of a connection string, creating one can prove to be frustrating as the syntax needs to be perfect in order to work. Read More

Unlocking the Power of Data: Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

digital transformation in life sciencesIndustry 4.0 is marching towards digital transformation in life sciences and smart factories are being driven by IIoT, real-time data, cloud computing, and machine learning. With its implementation comes the promise of increased efficiencies and improved processes. The idea sounds simple, but manufacturing has many distinct data points across its entire process and integrating a digital transformation strategy and data across an enterprise is a far more challenging undertaking, especially in regulated environments. Read More