TECH TIP: Automating SQL Server Backups with Wonderware Historian 2014 R2 and Later

Tech Tip Wonderware HistorianOver the past couple of years, we have upgraded several Wonderware Historian systems and ran into an issue which others may have run into as well.  Prior to Historian 2014 R2 (released in 2017), Wonderware Historian was packaged with MS SQL Server Standard.  SQL Server Standard allowed for the ability to schedule maintenance procedures such as database backups.  Post 2014 R2, the Wonderware Historian came packaged with SQL Server Express which lacks maintenance plans. Read More

Congratulations to NeoMatrix’s Automation Engineer of the Month

NeoMatrix Automation Engineer of the Month Justyn

Our core values define our culture and behaviors that we expect from all of our team members in order to deliver the highest level of service to our clients. These guiding principles help us to identify the “Right Person” as we hire talent, evaluate performance, and reward our employees. Each month we recognize our employees who have demonstrated these core values with a RAVE Award (Recognizing Achievements Values & Excellence).  February’s recognized team member is: Justyn Sterritt. Read More

Benefits of Standard Code Modules in Automating Manufacturing Systems

automating manufacturing systemsThe growing use of PLCs (programmable logic controllers), PACs (programmable automation controllers), and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems in manufacturing has facilitated the practice of standardized software to help plants get up and running with new processes faster and to maximize operational performance. Standardized software is a unit of code that has been developed, tested, documented, logged and controlled. If the code does not meet that criterion, it is not considered a standard. Read More