Throwing Axes, That’s How We Team Build

Throwing Axes Team Building NeoMatrixIt is important for a company to demonstrate their core values, and this quarter we proved that the NeoMatrix team knows how to embody our “have fun” core value. This June, NeoMatrix booked a private event at Wicked Axe in Haverhill, MA where we enjoyed a fun, friendly axe-throwing competition.

We started the night with axe-throwing lessons where the instructors worked with us 2-at-a-time and taught us one-handed and two-handed throwing techniques. After our practice rounds, we broke off into two brackets and the tournament was underway. Read More

Publish Data to the Unified Namespace from a REST Client Using HighByte Intelligence Hub

Tech Tip Wonderware Historian Unified NamespaceWe are currently working with a greenfield food and beverage startup and are implementing a unified namespace. To put it simply, a unified namespace is a centralized repository of structured data in which any application or device can subscribe and/or publish data to.  In our case this centralized repository is an MQTT broker.

For plant floor device integration, we are using HighByte Intelligence Hub to model information from plant floor devices and ‘flow’ that data to the broker.

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High Availability Ignition Architectures Part 1 – Mitigating Server Failures

Inductive Automation Ignition ArchitectureInductive Automation’s Ignition software is a SCADA platform which has grown in market share over the years. Most folks are familiar with Ignition’s server-based architecture and the benefits of the unlimited platform when it comes to tags, connections, and clients. The fact that Ignition is server-based adds inherent risks which many find troubling. Inductive has addressed this by creating a platform that has a plethora of options to mitigate these risks. This is the first of a two-part blog post to help demystify designing Ignition architecture to address risks to server and network infrastructure. Read More