Control Systems Training Tailored to Your Team and Unique Manufacturing Processes

Traditional industrial automation training programs offered by automation platform providers often focus solely on their specific product offerings, leaving engineers to navigate through complex projects with limited support. In a manufacturing environment where various products from different vendors are integrated, comprehensive control systems training becomes essential, but can often be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Personalized Industrial Automation Training that Delivers Tangible Results

To address this challenge, NeoMatrix offers a tailored approach to training, designed to meet the unique needs of your team. We understand that every manufacturing plant and every production line is different, so we customize our training program to fit your specific requirements.

Our training starts with the fundamentals necessary for troubleshooting and problem diagnosis, ensuring that your team has a solid foundation to build upon. Unlike generic training programs, we use your actual platforms and code to execute the training, allowing your staff to focus directly on the skills they need to support and maintain your factory automation systems effectively.

Control Systems Training Tailored to Your Team and Unique Manufacturing Processes

Say goodbye to generic training and hello to a personalized learning experience that delivers tangible results.

More Than Just Technical Knowledge

Training program participants gain a broader skill set that directly contributes to their roles and enhances their effectiveness within your plant. Our customized training approach ensures that every aspect of your team's automation needs is addressed, empowering them to tackle challenges with confidence and proficiency.



Focus on your specific environment and industrial automation platforms, ensuring immediate applicability to your plant’s processes and procedures.


Provide hands-on experience and real-world scenarios, so your team retains knowledge and can confidently navigate real-life situations.


Go beyond theory, weaving in industry best practices, cross-tool integration and alternative solutions for a well-rounded perspective.


Train your team with the skills to tackle challenges with confidence, leading to increased productivity, fewer errors, and improved overall efficiency.


See what our customers are saying

  • Erik...That guy has very good customer service skills. He schedules meetings, leads projects, trains his new hires, takes good notes, remembers a lot of things, and stays flexible and open to requests. Does everything well. The HMIs being built for us are also top-notch in look and feel, and they work great, according to how we'd like them to work.
    —Austin Li, Repligen Corporation
  • We have always gotten awesome support both scheduled and unscheduled...people who work there are people I would call friends.
    —Eileen Souliotis, Manufacturing & Operations Specialist, Entegris

Why Choose Neomatrix for Industrial Automation Training?

  • Organizational Context: Unlike generic vendor training, our courses focus on your projects specifically, for maximum relevance and application.
  • Multiple Vendors, One Course: Training consolidated into one convenient course, saving you time and resources.
  • Holistic Focus: Shift from individual product focus to a comprehensive system perspective going beyond basic product knowledge and towards integration with other tools and industry best practices.


Customized Training Designed Around Your Schedule, Control Systems & Objectives

Unlike generic training with predetermined dates and topics, our customized training is flexible, allowing you to set the learning objectives, when the content is delivered and in what format. This ensures that you are set with a curriculum that precisely meets your specific systems, goals, and schedule. Your training program could include:

HMI Scada Training Icon

HMI SCADA Training

Train your team with comprehensive skills to effectively work on your plant’s SCADA & HMI systems, such as covering basic setup, user interface design, alarm rationalization, process historians, recipe management, and regulatory compliance.

PLC Training Icon

PLC Logic Training

Gain hands-on experience and practical insights from industry experts on PLC programming. Our training covers a variety of PLCs, including Allen Bradley PLC Training, Rockwell Automation training, Omron PLC training and more.

SQL Training Icon

SQL Training

Develop proficiency in Structured Query Language (SQL) for seamless integration between automation systems and customized application development.

MES Training Icon

MES Training

From system implementation to performance monitoring, we can help your team streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Learn How Our Customized Training Courses Help Increase Operational Efficiencies

Read how one manufacturer engaged Neomatrix for custom Allen Bradley PLC training to improve 24/7 manufacturing operations.

Meet the Trainers

Get to know the industry-experienced trainers behind our customized training solution. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, ensuring that you receive top-tier instruction tailored to your specific learning needs.


Chris VanRemoortel

With expertise in Ignition, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), SQL, and Digital Transformation in manufacturing, Chris brings a wealth of expertise to our training programs. His comprehensive understanding of these platforms ensures that participants gain relevant insights and skills.

Jon Larnard

As a specialist in Batch processes, Jon brings a unique perspective to our training team. His expertise ensures that participants gain a deep understanding of batch operations and best practices, empowering them to optimize their processes for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Erik Westberg, Derek McCretton &
Emma Boynes-Hahn

Specializing in PLCs and with expertise tailored to life sciences applications, their insights offer crucial guidance. Erik, Derek, and Emma serve as invaluable resources to enhance your skills in these specialized areas of automation for life sciences.

JT Hartt & Nate Ellison

With a focus on Omron technologies, JT and Nate excel in delivering comprehensive instruction on Omron PLCs and related systems. Their dedication to providing top-tier training ensures that participants are well-equipped to tackle automation challenges with confidence.

Say goodbye to generic training and hello to a personalized learning experience that delivers tangible results.

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