Alliance for Industrial Automation Excellence

Empowering Your Automation Success

Industrial automation partners excel at bringing innovative ideas to the table when you need them. But what’s even better? When alliances between system integrators and other solution providers in the factory automation space collaborate to increase the value of what we can deliver. 

We don’t form alliances with just anyone. NeoMatrix has over 20 years of experience working in the industry and selects providers that we know and trust to advance your digital transformation journey and help you reach your operational goals. And while we may engage our alliance network, from concept to execution, you’ll work directly with NeoMatrix’s proven process which guides you through the key steps to maximize the return on your process automation investments. 

Meet Our Alliances


For over 20 years, Live Automation has served as a full-service control systems integrator for the local manufacturing industry, building custom automation equipment and providing PLC, HMI and SCADA automation solutions across various industries. 

Neomatrix Live Automation Alliance

From simple to highly complex machine solutions, Live Automation provides cost-effective and dependable custom automation equipment that supports manufacturers' operational efficiency, productivity and safety objectives. Using the latest, state of the art manufacturing technology, Live Automation specializes in design, engineering, integration and retrofitting custom automation machines for your industry.