NeoMatrix Gearing Up for Another Team Outing

NeoMatrix is all about working hard and Having Fun, and this month we hit the track and did K1 Go Kart Racing in Wilmington, MA. K1 racing is the perfect company outing because it is about speeding, winning, and teamwork. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a little friendly competition in the mix either.

NeoMatrix Team OutingFor those that have never been K1 racing, it is a lot like having a real-life Mario Kart™ experience – except without the turtle shells and banana peels. Everyone let loose and battled it out on the track. But as race car enthusiasts know, driving fast isn’t about the straightaways, it’s about the bends, and Pedro worked those bends to his advantage and pulled away to 1st place. Congratulations, Pedro!

1st Place: Pedro Espinosa

2nd Place: Alex Donnell

3rd Place: Pete Larochelle

Great Job Team!