Our Core Values

Our core values define our culture and behaviors that we expect from all of our team members in order to deliver the highest level of service to our clients. These guiding principles help us to identify the “Right Person” as we hire talent, evaluate performance, and reward our employees.


  • Do the Right Thing
    • Have uncompromised ethical standards
    • Be honest and accountable
    • Voice of the customer
  • Growth Mindset
    • Embrace challenges as opportunities
    • Approach obstacles with positivity & determination
    • Cultivate a willingness to take risks / try new things
    • Recognize that failure is a natural part of the learning


  • Have Fun
    • Make fun a basic part of everyday
    • Laugh
    • Find reasons to celebrate wins
  • Deliver Quality
    • Take pride in your work
    • Be accountable for all outcomes good and bad
    • Works well AND looks good
    • Fix it the first time
  • Build Relationships
    • Be friendly
    • Be open and honest
    • Share your knowledge with others


See what our employees are saying

  • Working at NeoMatrix has been an adventure in learning and expanding my skill set. I am constantly challenged in different aspects of my role. The employees truly are the most valued resource, with management and my peers recognizing that.
    —Engineering Team Member
  • NeoMatrix has been a great place to work and really lets its employees learn and grow. They also embrace a fun attitude around the office and make sure it’s known there is time for work but also time for fun. You have access to so many tools and people to really help learn more in your professional development.
    —Engineering Team Member
  • The company culture demonstrates dedication to what we do and a love for our work. I know I can always ask for help or give my opinion on any issue to help deliver the best possible solution to the customer.
    —Engineering Team Member
  • I enjoy the work I do at NeoMatrix and am excited to be part of a company with a shared passion for the manufacturing industry. Working here, I see my work as part of a bigger vision to enhance manufacturing, which in turn helps people.
    —Engineering Team Member