Manufacturing Automation Service Agreements

System Support & Maintenance


Automation systems are production critical in a manufacturing environment and require ongoing system support and maintenance, whether your specific need is for remote support, system upgrades, or software. The challenge is that as technology rapidly emerges within the manufacturing industry and the demand for operational efficiency has increased, the specialized skillsets and expertise required to support this infrastructure has become more diverse, often requiring supplemental help.

The NeoMatrix team consists of subject matter experts across a range of skillsets that are required in today’s manufacturing environment, including: Control Systems (Drives, IO & PLCs), HMI/SCADA, Database Administration and Enterprise Integration (MES).

Whether or not you are understaffed or have a gap in technical skills, NeoMatrix can aid with several automation service agreement offerings and training.

Flexible Automation Service Agreements

Automation service agreements can extend the expertise of your in-house engineering resources and improve overall operational productivity. NeoMatrix provides expertise to perform any troubleshooting and software (i.e., PLC, SCADA, MES, etc.) changes that may be required to sustain and/or optimize your systems. We strive to control costs while protecting your capital equipment and technology investments.

Offering a flexible suite of industrial maintenance and support agreements, NeoMatrix can supply the resource(s) with the necessary skill sets to accomplish the tasks at hand within the timeline required, including services for:

  • MES
  • Fast response from experienced engineers
  • Remote & on-site support
  • Interstate capabilities
  • Quality System that complies with ISO9001
  • Preventative maintenance

Below is a sample of our standard service agreement offerings. Contact us today to see how NeoMatrix can tailor a service agreement to fit your needs.

Basic Service Agreement

A basic service agreement is for a specific number of hours of support that must be used within a calendar year. Regular communications with the customer will determine priorities and the work is scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. The task and project priorities are maintained in NeoMatrix's online project portal.

Advanced & Priority Service Agreements

Advanced and priority service agreements receive all the benefits included with the basic service agreement as well as a discounted hourly rate and priority treatment in scheduling service.

Standard Support

Don’t have a maintenance agreement but still need assistance? We would be glad to help. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to troubleshoot your issue or assist in completing a project.

In-House Engineering Staff Augmentation

In the event you need to add a full-time resource, we can provide a dedicated resource to join your team for the desired timeframe.

Customized System Training

Automation vendors provide standard training classes for their specific product offerings to help your engineers who are tasked with creating projects from scratch. Within any one manufacturing plant, and even within one line, there are typically products across multiple vendors and product lines that would require weeks of training to cover all the material. Often these courses get into more detail than is required for people to support a system on a day-to-day basis.

To streamline training and improve its effectiveness, NeoMatrix creates a custom training program for your staff to fit their specific needs. We start with the basics required to troubleshoot and diagnose problems and then build the training plan from there. The biggest differentiation between NeoMatrix’s training services and other automation vendors is that we use your actual platforms and code to execute the training instead of working with generalities. Your staff will be laser focused on what it is they need to learn to support and maintain your systems.

Ready to Talk About a Service Agreement that Works for You?

When the financial viability of your plant is at stake, having an experienced automation partner readily available to handle mission critical tasks is essential.  Contact NeoMatrix today to discuss your needs and how we can help protect and secure your manufacturing operations.