Intelligent and Faster Manufacturing Processes

Imagine a world where you have all the information at your fingertips to make informed decisions in real-time. You can answer questions by applying artificial intelligence to accurate, clean data modeled after your business.

Your manufacturing processes operate seamlessly, your production reaches new heights of efficiency, and your customers enjoy an optimized experience at every touchpoint. This isn't just a dream - it's an achievable reality through digital transformation.

At NeoMatrix, we understand that the process of digital transformation in manufacturing can be overwhelming. That's why our expert team will be by your side, providing personalized guidance to kickstart your digital transformation journey.

The Process for Developing Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Our five-step process is designed to guide you through every stage of transformation, from identifying current pain points to executing proof of concept projects. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we'll help you harness the power of technology and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Step 1: Identify Problems & Current State
We conduct sessions with individual functions within your organization, including operations, engineering, quality, finance, HR, sales, etc., to identify challenges and assess the current state. We include frontline employees from each group and uncover recurring issues they face. Throughout these sessions, we diligently document the systems they utilize for their daily tasks, whether they involve software applications or traditional paper-based processes.

Step 2: Define a Digital Transformation Strategy
We work with your leadership team to establish the purpose of digital transformation within your organization. Data is an extremely valuable byproduct of any manufacturing organization - it generates actionable information and empowers leaders to make faster, more well-informed decisions. Armed with this information, a leadership team can more easily establish a solid digital transformation strategy.

Step 3: Define the Minimum Technical Requirements & Architecture
Rather than choosing a vendor or software platforms, identify technologies that will enable digital transformation at scale, such as:

  • Open Architecture: Interoperability is essential for effective communication and data exchange between diverse systems, applications, and devices. It should support standard data formats, protocols, and interfaces, enabling seamless data integration, leveraging existing infrastructure, and facilitating efficient collaboration with partners and suppliers.
  • Edge Driven: The intelligence pushes the payload. Data should be modeled with context as close to the source as possible, removing the need to repeat this where it’s consumed.
  • Report by Exception: Changes publish to the architecture, not polled.
  • Lightweight: The protocols utilized should be lightweight and scalable to an enterprise solution.

Using the minimum technical requirements, we define a system architecture that will support your initial projects and scale to support your entire enterprise. Complementary architectures, such as the Unified Namespace and Unified Analytics Framework, are ideal places to start.

Step 4: Specify and Execute a Proof of Concept (PoC)
The primary goal of the PoC is to deliver value within a concise timeframe of 1-3 months. Choose a project with readily available data and integrate it into your architecture. Some example projects could be:

  • Increase quality or effectiveness by transforming data and giving stakeholders real-time access to actionable SPC or OEE information.
  • Increase workforce productivity by reducing redundant data entry or automating business transactions, such as work order and raw material confirmations.
  • Improve your supply chain resiliency by providing vendors with access to real-time raw material quantities and demand.

Step 5: Learn, Refactor, and Iterate
We hold a retrospective to recognize achievements and identify areas for improvement. Prior to transitioning to the next project, we refactor your PoC based on the lessons learned, ensuring no technical debt carries forward. We embrace an agile philosophy and execute the subsequent project by adhering to the same iterative process.

See what our customers are saying

  • NeoMatrix does it right! Not only do they complete work on time and within budget, but they also provide excellent project documentation.
    —Jim Majsak, Groom Energy (part of Dalkia Solutions)
  • Thanks for the kick-off call today – as I said, really impressive how quickly you were able to jump on this and start producing deliverables. Thank you!
    —Linda Rauch, Next Rung Technology
  • Neomatrix has provided us with wide-ranging and ongoing support for the controls systems they have been developing for us, and it has made the ramp-up of our operation possible!
    —Amanda Baryshyan, Vice President of Engineering, Mori
  • I would just like to thank you for your assistance. It was far from an ideal situation, and there were more obstacles than normal, but your crew still got the job done. This helped put us in a much better position for our annual shutdown.
    —Earl Salisbury, Veolia
  • We now have final approved versions of the CMS Canton Documents to move us forward. Thank you to all on the team who helped get us here. This was a major goal for the team. We have saved copies on the Facilities Engineering shared drive in the CMS Capital project folder. A special thanks to NeoMatrix for the input generation and support with us, especially on the CS.
    —Mario Mauricio, Facilities Engineering and Controls Manager, Organogenesis
  • Once again the team from Neomatrix came through! The knowledge and support allowed us to complete a major Divisional Goal of upgrading our Ignition License to 8.1. We were able to get all 55 projects including some that run on 32-bit systems up and running. Certainly a hardworking and innovative team.
    —Eileen Souliotis, Entegris

Experts in Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

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