NeoMatrix Retrofits OEM Skids with ISA-88 and FactoryTalk Batch

FactoryTalk BatchNeoMatrix utilized Allen-Bradley programmable automation controllers (PACs) and Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk® Batch system to provide flexible, efficient solution.

A leading U.S. pharmaceutical company with offices throughout the United States and 17 other countries, the company wanted to expand its capabilities in its purification suite from “islands of automation” to a distributed control system.

The Challenge 

The company’s existing process control systems were designed to manage and control a single piece of equipment. Over time this architecture created challenges for recipe management and communication with other process systems. To rectify this situation and avoid ongoing issues, the company wanted a new industrial controls system that would:

  • Simplify the color palette used for the HMIs;
  • Utilize Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Batch for recipe creation and management;
  • Be scalable to other pieces of equipment in the suite and to similar equipment in other suites;
  • Minimize the use of scripting behind objects on the HMI screens;
  • Provide a robust high availability solution; and
  • Provide flexible processes controls for operations to allow configuration changes by Process Engineering.

The Solution

NeoMatrix designed a new control system utilizing Allen-Bradley programmable automation controllers (PACs) and Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk® Batch v14 system for one of the company’s manufacturing facilities. The FactoryTalk Batch system utilizes ISA-88 compliant code and directly integrates with a new FactoryTalk® View SE v12 HMI/SCADA for user interaction and alarm management.

To learn more about the industrial automation solutions used to create the distributed control system and the impact on the company’s operations, download the full case study. 

Download the Full Case Study