NeoMatrix Claims Spot on Inductive Automation’s Top Selling Ignition Integrators List for June 2022

Neomatrix Top 100 Inductive IntegratorsThe NeoMatrix team is proud to claim its spot on the list of Top 100 Best-Selling Ignition Integrators by Inductive Automation again last month.

What does this rank mean to our industrial automation customers?

Combined with our Premier Integrator status, it’s an indication of our competency in using Ignition software and it gives us higher access to Inductive Automation’s support, development, and sales resources so that we can provide you with the best possible outcomes.

It also means that you’re in good company. Not only do we have to consistently produce high-quality results for you using Ignition software, but for all our other customers as well. Premier Integrators must be able to identify a multitude of successful projects with highly satisfied end-users.

Did you know that 100% of our engineers are trained in Ignition?

As a control systems integrator for over 20 years, we’ve progressed through higher levels of Inductive Automation certification and are committed to maintaining this status. With a powerhouse team of trained automation engineers, you can trust that we’ll deliver Ignition SCADA and MES services that  provide you with the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective solutions.

While you focus on your business, you can trust that we’ll continue consulting, designing and implementing with in-depth knowledge of Ignition software and earning our credentials so that we can power your factory operations with confidence and cutting edge solutions.