Congratulations to NeoMatrix RAVE Award Winners

Please join me in congratulating Chris VanRemoortel, one of our Engineering Managers, for being one of our July RAVE Award winners. Chris was chosen this month because he consistently demonstrates our core value, “Deliver Quality”. Chris’ team has done a great job exceeding their goals due to Chris’ strong ability to teach the younger members of his team; plus, Chris is willing to travel, even around holidays, to accommodate his customers’ planned shutdowns. Well done, Chris. #corevalue #buildrelationships #deliverquality

Neomatrix automation engineer Chris

Congratulations to Emma Boyens-Hahn, one of our Automation Engineers, for being one of our July RAVE Award recipients. Emma has shown strong relationship skills with her customers and has been mentoring newer employees on her team. Emma has also taken on extra work on top of her normal workload. Thank you Emma for putting in the extra effort, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. #corevalue #buildrelationships #findaway

Neomatrix automation engineer Emma

Congratulations Chris and Emma!   Job Well Done!