Are you prepared? Introducing OT SafetyNet: Your Ultimate OT Asset Discovery & Recovery Solution

OT Asset Inventory Imagine a scenario where a devastating flood engulfs all the Industrial Control System (ICS) equipment that powers your machinery and orchestrates your processes. PLCs, drives, HMI/SCADA systems, recipes, MES configurations, historical data—all lost to the flood. As the waters recede, a daunting question emerges: How long will it take to recover your manufacturing operations, if recovery is even possible? This somber picture underscores the vital significance of having a service like OT SafetyNet that not only provides an OT asset inventory and discovery tool, but also a disaster recovery strategy, making the difference between a momentary setback and an insurmountable halt.

OT Asset Inventory Statistic

Safeguard Manufacturing Operations

Asset discovery and recovery measures, like OT SafetyNet, play a critical role in safeguarding vital programs and configurations, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of essential systems. These measures are instrumental in preventing losses stemming from disruptions to programs and configurations that are pivotal for the efficient functioning of a manufacturing facility.

Moreover, they encompass the preservation of invaluable data, including historical process, proprietary recipes, and information essential to meet rigorous, regulatory compliance audits. For manufacturers, data isn’t just a collection of numbers and statistics—it’s the lifeblood of their operations. Incorporating OT SafetyNet not only ensures the stability of operations but also establishes a solid foundation to mitigate disasters.

Mitigate Disasters

The face of disaster can take many forms – from natural catastrophes like floods, fires, and earthquakes, to human errors, cyber attacks, and technical failures. In each of these scenarios, the role of OT SafetyNet becomes vital, offering a lifeline that can salvage operations, safeguard data, and enable a swift recovery.

  • Electrical Disruptions: Power surges, outages, and voltage fluctuations can cause severe damage to digital systems. Maintaining up-to-date backups can effectively counter the damaging effects of electrical disruptions.


  • System Failures: Hardware and software failures can happen unexpectedly, having recovery mechanisms in place ensures rapid restoration of operations, reducing the impact of system failures.


  • Cyber Attacks: In an era where digital threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, industrial plants are not immune. Manufacturers need to have data and configurations that are regularly backed up to protect against cyber threats.


  • Natural Disasters: Events such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and storms can wreak havoc on manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers need to know not only what their physical assets are, but also have backups in place so critical data is preserved.


The Path to Disaster Recovery

 In the unfortunate event of a disaster, the road to recovery is critical. This is where OT SafetyNet comes into play, offering a systematic approach to ensure a swift and effective recovery. By integrating a thoroughly designed disaster recovery plan, manufacturing plants can substantially reduce the potential repercussions of unforeseen events.

Key features of OT SafetyNet:

  • OT Asset Inventory: In the aftermath of a disaster, chaos can reign, making it easy to overlook critical assets that require recovery. OT SafetyNet offers a compiled comprehensive inventory of assets, ensuring that nothing important is left behind. This meticulous approach guarantees that the recovery process covers every vital element.


  • Creating Backups: The cornerstone of any recovery process is the availability of up-to-date backups. OT SafetyNet generates master backups of vital systems. These backups are not only comprehensive but also stored securely, serving as a sturdy foundation upon which the disaster recovery plan is built.


  • Regular Backups: Disaster recovery isn’t a one-time event—it’s an ongoing strategy. OT SafetyNet offers periodic backup options. By capturing changes and data at regular intervals, they maintain an up-to-date recovery point that reflects the latest state of the systems. This dynamic approach ensures that even the most recent changes can be recovered without a hitch.


  • Disaster Recovery Plan & Training: In the face of potential failures, a meticulously crafted recovery plan is paramount. OT SafetyNet not only formulates a comprehensive and validated plan but also imparts training, equipping individuals with the expertise to execute recovery processes and restore systems to their pre-failure state.

The path to recovery can be a daunting one, marked by uncertainty and challenges. OT SafetyNet offers manufacturers a systematic approach, comprehensive OT asset inventory, and steadfast backup strategies, ensuring that a reliable mechanism is in place to restore order and continuity.

Embrace proactive measures to safeguard your operations, fortify your recovery capabilities, and ensure a resilient future for your manufacturing plant. In the end, this service not only restores technology but also grants peace of mind, demonstrating its pivotal role in disaster recovery.

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