Evolving consumer trends demand that food and beverage manufacturers quickly adapt to and produce high-quality products, all while maintaining profitability goals and ensuring product safety within a strictly regulated environment.

Food and beverage automation solutions can provide the agility and flexibility needed to meet today’s consumer demands and support the requirement for effective traceability systems throughout the supply chain. 

Benefits of Automation in the Food and Beverage Industry 

With food and beverage manufacturers continually navigating volatile market conditions, such as changing consumer preferences and economic fluctuations, adaptability, agility, and proactive planning are a must. Implementing automation and technology solutions can help improve efficiency and reduce costs by:

  • Maintaining food safety; 
  • Streamlining production processes; 
  • Reducing waste; and
  • Optimizing inventory management. 


The Value NeoMatrix Brings to Food and Beverage Automation Solutions

Implementing food and beverage automation solutions requires careful planning, customization, and integration with existing systems. When you partner with Neomatrix, we utilize a proven process for helping you assess your specific needs and determine the most valuable factory automation solutions that can propel your operations forward.

Some of the automation solutions we provide include:

  • Process Automation: Implementing innovative software solutions to streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and reduce reliance on human intervention.
  • Packaging and Labeling Automation: Improving the speed and accuracy of packaging processes to reduce labor requirements and increase output.
  • Automated Conveyor and Material Handling Systems: Enabling efficient movement of raw materials, ingredients, and finished products to optimize product flow and reduce manual handling.
  • Quality Control and Inspection Systems: Identifying inconsistencies, foreign objects, and packaging errors to reduce the risk of product recalls and waste. 
  • Process Control and Monitoring Systems: Real-time monitoring of critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, pH, and flow rate. These systems can automatically adjust process parameters to ensure consistency and adherence to specifications.
  • Batch Management and Recipe Systems: Automated batch management systems streamline recipe management, ingredient scaling, and process sequencing.
  • Energy Management Systems: Monitoring and controlling energy consumption, identifying energy-saving opportunities, and optimizing energy usage during production.
  • Traceability and Recall Management Systems: Enabling rapid identification and removal of affected products, minimizing the impact on consumers and brand reputation.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: Gaining insights into production performance, quality trends, inventory levels, and customer demand.


Leaders in Creating More Efficient and Profitable
Food and Beverage Automation Solutions

Leading with our client-first approach for over 20 years, NeoMatrix has developed a proven process that helps food and beverage manufacturers design, implement and sustain factory automation systems and MES solutions that improve operational efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs.


See what our customers are saying

  • NeoMatrix does it right! Not only do they complete work on time and within budget, but they also provide excellent project documentation.
    —Jim Majsak, Groom Energy (part of Dalkia Solutions)
  • Thanks for the kick-off call today – as I said, really impressive how quickly you were able to jump on this and start producing deliverables. Thank you!
    —Linda Rauch, Next Rung Technology
  • Neomatrix has provided us with wide-ranging and ongoing support for the controls systems they have been developing for us, and it has made the ramp-up of our operation possible!
    —Amanda Baryshyan, Vice President of Engineering, Mori
  • I would just like to thank you for your assistance. It was far from an ideal situation, and there were more obstacles than normal, but your crew still got the job done. This helped put us in a much better position for our annual shutdown.
    —Earl Salisbury, Veolia
  • We now have final approved versions of the CMS Canton Documents to move us forward. Thank you to all on the team who helped get us here. This was a major goal for the team. We have saved copies on the Facilities Engineering shared drive in the CMS Capital project folder. A special thanks to NeoMatrix for the input generation and support with us, especially on the CS.
    —Mario Mauricio, Facilities Engineering and Controls Manager, Organogenesis
  • Once again the team from Neomatrix came through! The knowledge and support allowed us to complete a major Divisional Goal of upgrading our Ignition License to 8.1. We were able to get all 55 projects including some that run on 32-bit systems up and running. Certainly a hardworking and innovative team.
    —Eileen Souliotis, Entegris

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