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NeoMatrix has been an Ignition Automation partner since 2009 and achieved “Premier Integration” status for Ignition software in 2016 – the highest level of certification partners can achieve. In recent years we received the distinction of ranking in the top 100 selling Ignition integrators and finished 2023 in Inductive Automation's Top 20 Selling Ignition Integrators.

Premier Integration status is not only an indication of our competency but also provides us elevated access to Inductive Automation resources including support, development, and sales. 100% of our engineers are trained in Ignition and are incentivized to achieve and maintain certification status.

Experienced Ignition SCADA Integrator

NeoMatrix specializes in using Inductive Automation's Ignition software suite to deliver web-based HMI SCADA and MES solutions across a multitude of industries, including biotechnology, manufacturing, storage, food & beverage, automotive, and waste/wastewater. After using all the leading SCADA packages, we found Ignition to be the fastest, most reliable and cost effective solution for our industrial automation customers.

Our customers appreciate Ignition's ability to continually add new equipment and new users to the process system without adding software costs. Ignition software securely delivers plant information to all members of the manufacturing team at a fraction of the cost of other packages.

Our Inductive Automation Ignition Software Customers Include:

  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturer
  • Entegris
  • Organogenesis
  • Owens Corning
  • Lindt
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Repligen
  • Watts
  • Pfizer
  • Pall

See what our customers are saying

  • Once again the team from Neomatrix came through! The knowledge and support allowed us to complete a major Divisional Goal of upgrading our Ignition License to 8.1. We were able to get all 55 projects including some that run on 32-bit systems up and running. Certainly a hardworking and innovative team.
    —Eileen Souliotis, Entegris

Ignition SCADA by Inductive Automation

Ignition SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a powerful industrial automation platform that provides a range of features for monitoring and controlling processes and tracking displaying, and analyzing all your data. 

Benefits of Ignition SCADA software include: 

  • Unlimited Licensing: Unlimited connections to PLCs and databases.  Unlimited users, projects and tags.

  • Web-based architecture: Ignition's web-based design allows users to access and manage their SCADA systems through web browsers, making it easy to monitor processes and access control systems from anywhere via smartphones and tablets.

  • Database Centric: Most SCADA platforms excel at connecting and interacting with data coming from PLC hardware; however, very rarely do they make it easy to interact with databases.  Ignition is database centric at its core: connection management is performed at the gateway and comes with built in store and forward capability for all database connections.  On the development side even SQL novices can build database centric projects with graphical wizard driven query interfaces and objects that simplify displaying information in a tabular or graphical format.

  • Secure: Security is a must in today’s OT world and Ignition easily integrates to your existing security posture.  While Ignition supports traditional corporate network security such as Microsoft Active Directory it also integrates modern trusted federated identity technologies such as SAML and OpenID Connect.  Advanced features such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are supported as well.  These advanced features make it easy to control user access

  • Flexible Deployment Architectures: Ignition is OS Agnostic - it can be deployed on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.  Ignition also supports containerization through Docker or Kubernaetes.  Ignition is built with a modular architecture making it easy to deploy to the edge, on premise server or cloud.

  • Free Training: Inductive University is a free online learning platform which will help you master developing Ignition SCADA projects.  You can watch videos at your own pace and focus on subjects which matter most to you.

Some features of Ignition SCADA software include:

  • Ignition SCADA Alarming: Ignition supports configurable manufacturing alarming systems that alert operators and relevant personnel about critical events or abnormal conditions, enabling quick responses to issues.
  • Ignition SCADA Historian: Ignition’s Historian is a set of features that provide data acquisition, storage, retrieval, and visualization, often combined with Ignition’s SCADA, HMI, IIoT, ERP, or MES functionality. Users can create istorical trends and charts to analyze process data over specific time periods, helping identify patterns and optimize performance.
  • Ignition Reporting: Ignition SCADA comes with standard design tools so you can build data-rich reports with drag-and-drop ease that you can then share across the enterprise. With these reporting tools, you can define the data included in the reports, specifying any number of report parameters and data sources.

Ignition MES

Ignition MES by Sepasoft® is designed to improve manufacturing efficiency, optimize production processes, and enable data-driven decision-making at the production level. It connects and integrates with various manufacturing systems, including SCADA, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, and other enterprise-level software. Each MES module aligns with the rigorous ISA 95 standard for enterprise control system integration.

Features of Ignition MES software include: 

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Monitoring: It enables real-time monitoring and analysis of equipment performance, availability, and quality, providing insights into the overall efficiency of production lines.

  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) data: Maintain consistent and predictable outcomes by reducing or eliminating late or missing sample collection, inaccurate sample data and other issues leading to quality problems and deliver and analyze your SPC data in real-time.

  • Recipe Management: Ignition MES helps manage complex production recipes and formulas, ensuring consistency in product quality and reducing the risk of errors during batch processes.

  • Track & Trace: Manufacturers use paperless tracking and tracing to obtain, record and recall critical information about products from the raw materials to the finished state, enabling them to quickly tackle increasing economic and regulatory challenges.

Ignition Edge

The primary purpose of Ignition Edge by Inductive Automation is to provide a lightweight, cost-effective solution for deploying SCADA capabilities in remote or distributed locations, where resources like bandwidth or connectivity may be limited. It allows users to extend their central Ignition SCADA system to edge devices used in the field and OEM devices at the edge of the network, such as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), RTUs (Remote Terminal Units), and other industrial controllers.

There are two flavors of Ignition Edge:

  • Edge IIoT: Ignition Edge IIoT is a headless IIoT edge node which supports OPC UA connections to all the major PLC vendors, MQTT Transmission as well as the ability to run scripts, create REST APIs, and more.
  • Edge Panel: Ignition Edge Panel comes with all the benefits of Ignition Edge IIoT along with the visualization of your choice - Perspective of Vision.


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