HighByte Intelligence Hub Provider


The rise of Industry 4.0 and the increasing challenge posed by gaps in manufactures’ data infrastructures often inhibits communication between disparate applications. For modern manufacturers, the result is an inability to efficiently make the real-time decisions required to scale, optimize operational performance and capitalize on the broader opportunities available with Industry 4.0 investments.

To help industrial manufacturers solve their ongoing data architecture and system integration challenges, NeoMatrix uses HighByte Intelligence Hub as its DataOps (data operations) solution for integrating and connecting plant floor devices, systems and databases with IT applications.

HighByte Intelligence Hub

DataOps is a modern approach to data integration and security that aims to improve data quality, reduce time spent preparing data for analysis, and encourage cross-functional collaboration between multiple systems and data pipelines. HighByte Intelligence Hub is the first DataOps solution purpose-built for industrial environments to help them automatically and efficiently manage and move data between systems. The result is more comprehensive, organized, real-time data that enables a higher level of communication and collaboration between operational roles.

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Benefits of HighByte’s DataOps Solution

HighByte Intelligence Hub enables manufacturers to securely connect, model, condition, and flow valuable industrial data to and from IT systems. Benefits include:

  • Maintaining the connections and flow without writing custom code or troubleshooting broken integrations;
  • Merging real-time, transactional, and time-series data into a complex UNS (unified namespace) data hierarchy;
  • Speeding system integration time, rapidly leveraging contextualized data for analytics, AI, and ML applications, and governing data standards across the enterprise.

About HighByte

HighByte is an industrial software company founded in 2018 with headquarters in Portland, Maine USA. The company builds solutions that address the data architecture and integration challenges created by Industry 4.0. HighByte Intelligence Hub, the company’s award-winning Industrial DataOps software, provides modeled, ready-to-use data to the Cloud using a codeless interface to speed integration time and accelerate analytics. The Intelligence Hub has been deployed in more than a dozen countries by some of the world’s most innovative companies spanning a wide range of vertical markets, including food and beverage, health sciences, pulp and paper, industrial products, consumer goods, and energy. Learn more about HighByte here.