Control System Modernization Creates a Digital Platform that Improves Manufacturing Processes


  • Pressure Sensitive Tape Manufacturer

Technology Used

  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix®
  • Allen Bradley POINT I/O™
  • Ignition SCADA

Project Overview

As part of its manufacturing process, the company relies on two, 50-year-old pieces of equipment that are critical to its operations. The solvent recovery skids work to reclaim and reuse solvents used during production, minimizing waste and decreasing the need for purchasing new solvent.

While the two solvent recovery skids were physically in working order, given the age of the machines, it was becoming increasingly difficult to source replacement parts and find knowledgeable resources to support the machines’ ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Undergoing a hardware and control system modernization project would not only eliminate these obstacles and help the company build an infrastructure on a modern digital platform, but access to more comprehensive, real-time data would ultimately help improve the company’s manufacturing processes.


For our customer, having a unified platform from which they remotely access all of the information coming from their customer sites, saves time and money by eliminating the need to deploy a resource to go onsite to diagnose the problem.

Pete LaRochelle, VP of Sales for NeoMatrix 


The solvent recovery skids used a combination of pneumatic piping and out-of-date controls. The existing controls used pneumatic pressure controls which work by moving pressurized or compressed air “signals” from a controller to a device through copper or plastic tubes.

Not only were the controls and existing valves out of date, but the equipment itself had been retrofitted multiple times throughout the years. As a result, the machine drawings were not current.


To implement key upgrades identified by a process engineering consultant, a curated team of specialists tackled the project. TriNova provided expertise in specifying process valves that seamlessly integrated with the modern control system designed and programmed by NeoMatrix. Carver Maintenance Specialists, meanwhile, built the control panel and executed the field mechanical and electrical work. All of the solvent skid work was completed in a class 1 division 2 atmosphere. 

Process valves details:

TriNova supplied Samson Type 3522 Little Tex globe control valves with Type 3731-3 digital XP positioners w/ HART communication. This type of valve was selected for its optimized and torturous flow path for improved control characteristics. The positioner has a contactless protected travel measurement via magnetic field realignment that improves both accuracy and reliability by eliminating a mechanical linkage. The modularity of the Samson valves will benefit the customer for years to come with reduced parts compared to other brands for ease of adjustment and maintenance.  

NeoMatrix selected Rockwell Automation's CompactLogix platform with Point I/O modules for its ideal blend of advanced control in a compact, cost-effective package. Utilizing Point I/O offers flexibility for future expansion with remote I/O panels and potential PLC upgrades.

Ignition SCADA was chosen as a user-friendly HMI for operators, but also serves as a modern SCADA platform, empowering remote users with data collection and analysis tools for troubleshooting and process optimization.

While the skids remained functionally the same, the new modern platform means: 

  1. Easier maintenance and support
  2. Reduced costs to source parts and service
  3. Minimized risk of downtime
  4. More robust data collection and analysis for process improvement

Despite the number of resources necessary to coordinate and execute the project, from the customer’s standpoint, Neomatrix’s Proven Process ensured a seamless and streamlined experience.  

Our Project Partners

About TriNova

TriNova is a manufacturers’ representative, covering New England and upstate NY. TriNova represents manufacturers of process instrumentation and control valves from a sales, service, and training perspective. For these solutions, Endress+Hauser instrumentation was used in conjunction with Samson control valves in order to optimize these measurements and controls. TriNova has seven Field Sales Engineers spread out across this territory, along with five applications engineers located at our headquarters in Clifton Park, NY. TriNova also has five certified Field Service Technicians similarly spread out to support the territory, who can commission, calibrate, and troubleshoot instrumentation – regardless of the manufacturer. TriNova’s goal is to provide the best customer experience in the process industry. Learn more about TriNova at www.trinovainc.com

About Carver Maintenance Specialist

Located in Southern New Hampshire, Carver Maintenance Specialist has 40+ years of experience in industrial controls, building control panels, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

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