Optimizing Liquid Dose Manufacturing: Enhanced Stability and Efficiency through Advanced Automation


  • Liquid Dose Manufacturing

Technology Used

  • Rockwell FactoryTalk Batch
  • Rockwell / Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Controllers
  • GE iFIX Automation Software

Project Overview

In addition to formulation, filtration, and vial filling, this liquid dose manufacturing client uses freeze-drying (or lyophilization) to enhance the stability and shelf life of its products by removing water content through sublimation. This process involves freezing the product, reducing the pressure, and gradually heating it to sublimate, resulting in a stable, dry product ready for final packaging and storage.

By removing water from the final product, the company significantly reduces the risk of hydrolysis and microbial growth, which are common causes of degradation in liquid formulations. The products can also be stored for extended periods without significant loss of potency or efficacy.


Standardized on Rockwell Automation for the process control and batch processes, the company had an old industrial control system handling the process, encompassing all the PLCs that run the machines, as well as an iFIX SCADA interface to run all of the equipment. Given recent capital procurement, while the company was purchasing new machines, they also wanted to upgrade to Rockwell / Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers.


One challenge was to create a standard batch model on the PLC layer for different machines manufactured by different equipment builders.  Another challenge was to integrate the FTBatch to the iFIX SCADA interface using the FTBatch API. This integration allowed the operators to view the real-time status while a batch was active on a process.


One of the reasons this life sciences company chose NeoMatrix for the project was our flexibility in scheduling to meet the schedules of the vendors supplying new equipment. We also have a proven track record of helping life sciences manufacturers based on Rockwell Automation’s industrial automation control, process, batching, safety and information solutions; and we can help customize and optimize their technology investment.

The company chose Rockwell FactoryTalk Batch not just to upgrade their controls but also to implement a recipe management system that eliminates the need for an automation engineer to make PLC changes. The standard protocol to make recipe changes typically would take weeks or months due to quality change control processes, however, with FactoryTalk Batch, the manufacturer’s process engineering group can make recipe changes quickly through standard operating procedural controls.

This updated system gives the company the ability to update processes on the fly with the flexibility, scalability and architecture needed to support continued growth.


NeoMatrix completed the project during the manufacturer’s scheduled downtown and met all the data integrity requirements using a solution design that complies with FDA regulations. In general, the company was able to eliminate numerous manual processes with automation and provided a better quality finished product.

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